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Medieval Cop is a mystery/humor game series created by GeminiGamer, also known as VasantJ. The games are centered around Dregg Moriss, the most depressed police officer in Rightia. Join Dregg as he investigates murders and kidnappings while continuously being thrown into adventures he's less than willing to take.

Medieval Cop has a companion series titled Medieval Angel (formerly known as Medieval Shorts) which stars a young, energetic girl named Amber Heart who recently began her career as an officer on Rightia's Police force.

There is also the standalone spin-off concerning Ada Graceheart, which is titled Wolf's Bane. There is also a proper spin-off series titled Medieval Chronicles.

Medieval Chronicles is a series of canonical, yet fantastic and mostly unnecessary episodes often placed outside the Medieval Cop timeline that was current at the time.[1]

For the chronology - or, if you want to play them in order - please see the Timeline. In the case of the Medieval Chronicles series, it is recommended to play them in the order they were released.


The Death Of A Lawyer

Meet Dregg, the most depressing cop in the Medieval Times in a country full of idiots and corruption. In this introductory episode, help Dregg solve the case of the murder of a lawyer .

The True Monster

Dregg is back and he is more sarcastic and depressed than ever. In this episode, he must solve the death of Professor Wordsworth before his self-proclaimed rival, Polly.

The Princess And The Grump

Dregg is back with a plan to destroy the Post Office once and for all. By the way, the Princess has been kidnapped too.

The InVidia Games

This first multi part sequence in the series, broken into 3 parts.

Day 1

It is time for the biggest tournament in the continent. Dregg and company go to watch the games - except they end up participating in them. Can they survive against the strongest of every country in the continent? Probably…

Day 2

Dregg and company survive the first match (mainly because their opponents sucked). Now they are up against their old enemy, the Balboa Kingdom.

Day 3

Dregg and company meet their greatest challenge yet in this final part - the Scion Empire.

The Secrets of Lucifer's Wings

Dregg has been kidnapped! Felicia is dying! The Post Office has not been destroyed yet! Oh, and someone stole the Secrets of Lucifer’s Wings…

Dregg Me To Hell

Dregg is finally declared insane and is put in a mental asylum. Except his "therapy" needs to wait when people start disappearing and he has to team up with a guy who has Obsessive Chicken Disorder and a woman with insomnia to solve the case.

Adam and Eva

Things are getting serious as a serial killer is on the loose, and Dregg is determined to have a decent birthday for once - before realizing that he lies in the middle of this monumental mess.

Death Wish

Multi part series (abbreviated as DW)

Part 1

Dregg is finally in Hell. Not happy with his living arrangements, he decides to take his case to the Devil in the hopes of coming back to life and defeating Draziel.

Part 2

Dregg is back from Hell into… another Hell. His co-workers have become mindless zombies, and Dregg must save them with the help of a very unhelpful dog with a law degree.

Part 3

Dregg is now captive in the realm of souls and is forced to face his biggest hopes, dreams and regrets. Also, the story of his meeting with Arc is finally revealed.

Song & Silence

Dregg went into flashback about his childhood times, encountering several of his friends and people that once hold enmity to him. The story also focus on his further relationship with Arc and events leading to the Deathwish.

Part 1

Dregg adventures as a kid and encounters his childhood friends and enemies. The story also begins on how Dregg meets with Arc and the background relating to his persona as a 'Conqueror of Death'.

Part 2

Dregg explores further into his background by discovering about his mother whereabouts. After his father's confession to him, Dregg sneaked into Grimoire room and found out about a note in regards to Grimoire's 'list of dates'. Starting his adventure across the Kingdom.

Part 3

Dregg finds himself in a mental Asylum after the events of part 2 and starts having visions of an alternate reality where he is a Cop and hates the Post Office.


The final episode of Season 1 split into 2 parts.

Part 1

Dregg and Ada must escape the Mental Asylum and find the truth of their powers to successfully save the Universe from total degradation learning a few things about themselves on the way.

Part 2

In this Season Finale, The resurrection of Arcana is at hand, and the Universe alongside its various timelines are now close to extinction. Only Dregg, the Fate Walker who can defy the chain of Fate can stop it.

Game Order

This is the game order that you should play in, for the best understanding of the game:

Medieval Cop Episode 1: The Death of A Lawyer

Medieval Cop Episode 2: The True Monster

Medieval Cop Episode 3: The Princess and The Grump

Medieval Shorts 1: My Best Worst First Day

Medieval Shorts 2: My New Best Friends

Wolf’s Bane

Medieval Cop Episode 4 (Part 1) : The Invidia Games

Medieval Cop Episode 4 (Part 2) : The Invidia Games

Medieval Cop Episode 4 (Part 3) : The Invidia Games

Wolf’s Bane 2: Sinful Beauty

Medieval Cop Episode 5: The Secret of Lucifer’s Wings

Medieval Cop Episode 6 : Dregg me to Hell

Medieval Shorts 3: My Dr. DontLittle

Medieval Cop Episode 7 : Adam and Eva

Medieval Cop Episode 8 (Part 1) - DeathWish

Medieval Angel 4 (Part 1): My Uprising

Medieval Cop Episode 8 (Part 2) : DeathWish

Medieval Angel 4 (Part 2) : My Uprising

Medieval Cop Episode 8 (Part 3): DeathWish

Medieval Angel 5 (Part 1): My Destiny

Medieval Cop Episode 9 (Part 1): Song and Silence

Medieval Cop Episode 9 (Part 2): Song and Silence

Wolf’s Bane 3: Wolf & Shepherd

Medieval Cop Episode 9 (Part 3): Song and Silence

Medieval Cop Episode 10 (Part 1): Resurrection

Medieval Cop Episode 10 (Part 2): Resurection

Medieval Cop - How the Grump Stole Christmas

DISCLAIMER: You can play the Medieval Chronicles anytime (as long as you know all the characters involved), but MChr 10 and 11 both relate much more closely to the main series than in previous episodes. These are recommended to be played after you've finished the games.

Medieval Chronicles Episode 1 - Together Forever

Medieval Chronicles Episode 2 - Super Unnatural

Medieval Chronicles Episode 3 - The Curtain Falls

Medieval Chronicles Episode 4 - Burn My Dregg

Medieval Chronicles Episode 5 - The Paradox

Medieval Chronicles Episode 6 - Dead Grump Walking

Medieval Chronicles Episode 7 - Devil May Lie

Medieval Chronicles Episode 8 - Skybound (Part 1)

Medieval Chronicles Episode 8 - Skybound (Part 2)

Medieval Chronicles Episode 9 (Part 1) - Dregg Internal

Medieval Chronicles Episode 9 (Part 2) - Dregg External

Medieval Chronicles Episode 10 - Glitch Cop

Medieval Chronicles Episode 11 - Discord’s Tragedy

Medieval Angel/Shorts

See article Medieval Angel

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  1. VasantJ confirming that all episodes are canon.