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My Uprising is the fourth episode in the Medieval Angel series, centering around Amber Heart's mission to stop the Chicken Kingdom from taking over the world. It is split into two parts.

Part 1

Chaos ensues as Amber finally meets Aurum and the Chicken Army starts their plan for world domination.

Part 2

Amber teams up with Mel, the Chicken Hater, in order to stop the Chicken Invasion once and for all.



Amber's allies


Chicken Kingdom



Both episodes have received good reception, though the second part has been given far more critique than the first.


  • This episode was originally going to be named My Feathered Uprising, however it was released with the name My Uprising.
  • Though Ada was originally planned to make an appearance, she does not show up. It is unknown why she was scrapped, possibly because she may be planned for My Destiny, the Season Finale. [citation needed]

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